The Relias Population Health Management Solution is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant population health platform that helps managed care organizations and behavioral health providers make actionable use of available data. Our platform helps close the gap between data and care delivery by surfacing relevant insights into what is driving variation in cost and outcomes, giving your team the information they need to proactively manage care. Plus, predictive modeling allows you to stratify your population by level of risk (high, rising and low) and then apply a tiered intervention strategy, matching the optimal intervention to those most in need.
The Relias solution goes beyond simply identifying care gaps to stratifying risk and providing clinical evidence-based treatment considerations that are recommended to achieving optimal care. By applying evidence-based interventions and filling knowledge gaps with targeted training, providers have the right set of tools and motivations to standardize their care and deliver better outcomes at lower costs.

For Managed Care Plans:
Health plans need sophisticated tools to succeed in value-based contracts by reducing variance in cost and care. Our integrated solution provides actionable data insights to make caring for complex members less complicated. Relias will help you make the best clinical, operational, and budgetary decisions to deliver better care with better margins.

For Behavioral Health Provider Organizations:
Managing the health of your populations requires visibility into your performance on both population health and risk metrics. The Relias solution will help you understand where you are succeeding and where there are opportunities for improvement, and then support your care providers with evidence-based interventions, clinical decision support and additional targeted training will lead to better outcomes.

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