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All products in the Health Tech Navigator directory are categorized by market and functionality. If you're looking for products that offer a certain functionality, use the list below to start your search. You can add or remove functionalities as you continue the process.

Accounting/Financial Solutions

This section encompasses vendors who provide claims payment as well as cash and financial software for payors, as well as billing and claim submission software for providers.

Activity-based Costing

Support for Activity-Based Costing, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Activity-Based Management, Process costing, Job costing

Analytics/Predictive Analytics

Tools to Drive Big Data, Predictive modelling, Prescriptive analytics, Business intelligence, Regression analysis

Capitation/Case Rate Pricing and Financial Performance Tracking

Software and techniques for efficient Managed Care Capitation, Case Rate Pricing and Financial Performance Tracking

Care Coordination Platform

Support for Care Coordination Platforms, Coordination Plan Templates, Best Practice Models, Training

Caregiver Support

Training, software and support for Caregiver Support, for family, hospice, clinic, or at-home care

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support Tools, Online HR Training and Reference Solutions

Compliance Solutions

Compliance Training, Certification, Documentation & Demonstration Software

Consumer Education Platforms

Web, Video, Awareness & Direct-to-Consumer Outreach

Consumer Engagement/Consumer Activation

Tools for Consumer Engagement, and to Allow for a Consumer Self-Management Experience

Consumer Experience/Satisfaction

Tools to Measure ad Improve Consumer Engagement, Customer Satisfaction

Consumer Outreach/Texting

Consumer Outreach, Texting Solutions, Apps for Smart Phones, Tablets and PC's

Consumer Tracking/Consumer Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management Software offerings, both specific to health field applications and generic, but configurable to health care applications.

Contract Management

Software to Support Contract Management, Processes, Policies & Certification Management


Tools for e-Prescribing, Both Stand-Alone and Integrated Products, e-Prescribing tools for Physicians, Tools for controlled substances

EHR/EMR Platforms

This section profiles Electronic Health Record vendors and EHR products for hospitals, long-term care, rehabilitation, psychiatric and other facilities. It also contains Electronic Medical Record vendors and products for clinicians.

Eligibility Management

Eligibility Management Software, Portals & Integrated Solutions

Health Care Price Transparency

Software and support for health care price transparency laws, policy primers, price rules & regulations support

Health Risk Assessment

Health risk assessment, appraisal, or well-being assessment, screening tools.

HIEs/Data Aggregation/Data Mining

Big Data, Data sharing, tools for HIPAA compliant de-identification or aggregation and security.

Human Resource Management

This section contains software that supports or manages communication tracking & scheduling of clients and contacts.

Imaging Systems

Medical Digital Systems, Medical Imaging Systems, MRI scanners, PACS, Ultrasound, Beam Imaging

Medical Record Retrieval/Extraction

Medical record retrieval/extraction, transcription and session recording tools

NCQA-certified HEDIS Software

NCQA-certified HEDIS® vendors and software

Organizational Managed Care Readiness Assessment

Support for Organizational Managed Care Readiness Assessment Tools, Templates & Surveys

Outcome Measurement/Monitoring

Outcome measurement/monitoring of Mortality, Readmissions, Safety, Patient Experience

Patient Intake Management

Support for Patient Intake Management, eForms & Sheets, Processing, Coordination, Case Management

Patient Portals

Products to Support Patient Portals, Access & Sign-in, Security, Registration, Integration with Enterprise Systems

Patient Registries

This section profiles Patient Registry Vendors and products. Patient registries provide an organized way to collect standardized data about a group of people who are affected by a specific disease or medical condition.

Payer Claims Administration and Payment

Systems and Support for Payer Claims and Adjudication, Encounter Processing, Billing & Financial Processing

Population Health Analytics/Segmentation/RiskStrat

Population health analysis, analytics tools, segmentation, risk stratification, patient risk levels

Provider Education Platforms

Provider Education Platforms, Video, Web, Cloud; Curriculum & Certification Support

Provider Network Management

Software for Provider Network Management, both integrated and Stand-Alone Solutions

Referral Management/Facilitation

Tolls for Referral Process Management, Referral Facilitation, Referral Criteria Systems

Remote Monitoring

Devices, software and integrated systems for Remote Patient Monitoring, Remote Monitoring and Control, including self-monitoring

Reporting Solutions

Solutions for Safety Reporting, Event Reporting, Incident Reporting, Public Reporting

Revenue Cycle Management/Billing Systems/Risk Adjustment Coding

Revenue Cycle Management, Billing Systems, Risk Adjustment Coding


Scheduling, HR and Appointment Software Solutions

Self-Help Group Facilitation

Support, training or tools for peer-based support, self-assessment, self-help, group facilitation techniques, group facilitation certification

System Readiness Assessment

Medical Readiness, Implementation, Deployment Readiness Tools and Methodologies

Tech-enabled Treatment

Artificial Intelligence, Apps for Siri or Alexa, wearable devices, and medical devices

Tech-enabled Treatment Suites

Integrated solutions utilizing Tech enabling treatments


Software, apps, connectivity tools, and integrated systems for: Telepsychiatry, Telehealth, Telepharmacy, Telerehabilitation

Unit Costing Model

Software for Unit Costing Models, Variable Costing Unit Product Costing, Product Costing Models

Wellness Management/Consumer Self-Management

Technology-enabled worksheets, on-line resources, and health management tools for consumers