Health care providers and government officials have begun to understand that an individual’s mental health is just as important as physical health and just how closely the two are connected. The holistic health care approach (connecting the head to the body), continues to be most beneficial to clients, payers and providers, as it provides better opportunity for a proper and uniform platform of care.

Streamline understands the importance of connecting the mind to the body and has developed an integrated application that can easily pull in data from other sources for a complete analysis of a client’s mental and physical health.

SmartCarePrimaryCare is seamlessly integrated with both Practice Management and Medication Management. Physician’s have access to documents to do (orders); today’s appointments; lab orders; batch signatures for approval; alerts and messages, etc. All is accessible via the physician dashboard. Streamline utilizes the corresponding Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) coding sets such as SNOMEDCT, LOINC, RXNORM and ICD-10-CM.

Other functionality include a patient dashboard; flow sheets; order entry and management; scheduling; referral tracking; progress notes; integrated ePrescribing via SmartCare Rx; problem tracking; health maintenance templates; and integration with behavioral health.

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