Navigating Life is the first-of-its-kind mobile app custom-built for providers that support adults with ID/D. The private, fully compliant social network provides agencies with a modern tool to better communicate with the families of the people they support while verifying staff locations and empowering mobile data collection. Similar to applications like Class Dojo, Brightwheel, Remind, etc., that build trust and transparency between teachers and parents, Navigating Life is made by and for the human services industry – with that same mission in mind.

With Navigating Life, program staff share photos, videos, and updates throughout the day while QA teams, leadership, families, and care coordinators follow along. Access to the same information creates a more unified sphere for service delivery, empowering everyone to stay on the same page. In addition to the social networking features, the app provides a built-in calendar, mobile data collection, digital shift note logging, instant messaging, and video calling.

Navigating Life helps providers combat the staffing crisis by providing teams with a modern tool to do their job while allowing agencies to market themselves as “tech-forward.” The digital revolution is coming. Take a step towards it and join the movement of providers revolutionizing service delivery with Navigating Life.

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