The i2iTracks® platform is the ground-level PHM solution for an individual health center’s care coordination and quality management needs. i2iTracks combines the most comprehensive patient view with actionable insights presented into user-centered workflows for identifying and closing care gaps, outreach, tasking, and care coordination.


i2i supports organizations with the monitoring and trending of CCBHC measures, the following measures include:

Organizations can easily identify gaps in care as it relates to CCBHC measures too

Time to Initial Evaluation (I-EVAL) –
Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening and Follow-Up Plan (BMI-SF) –
Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening for Children & Adolescents (WCC-BH) –
Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention (CMS138) –
Unhealthy Alcohol Use (ASC) –
Child & Adolescent Major Depressive Disorder Risk Assessment (SRA-BH-C) –
Adult Major Depressive Disorder Risk Assessment (SRA-A) –
Screening for Clinical Depression and Follow-Up Plan (CMS002) –
Depression Remission at Twelve Months (CMS159) –
Controlling High Blood Pressure (CMS165)

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